Audio enthusiasts looking for a discount drum machine or might be trying to offload some performance equipment should check out the Synth Swap on April 10, an event that coincides with Mission Sunday Streets.

Local design and electronics brand Dijital Fix is hosting a community event on Valencia Street, giving folks a free forum to acquire or relinquish used music gear. Everyone is invited to buy, sell, trade or barter audio equipment. It’s an organic way to meet fellow audio lovers and obtain cheap tools for music creation. The event runs from 11am to 4pm and coincides with Sunday Streets, a car-free space set up by SFMTA and Livable City.

Additional event information can be found here.


To learn more about the event, we spoke to the organizer Lauren Franklin, from local design and electronics brand Dijital Fix, about the origins of Synth Swap and shared what attendees can expect.

Where did you get the inspiration to start the event?

I was inspired to organize the event primarily because of my work and interests in new media and sound arts. Although there is a large electronic music community in the Bay Area, I am aware of a need for more communal spaces where those people can come together to share ideas. I wanted to provide a space where those who are interested, and new to electronic music and sound arts, can network and get inspired through selling and trading equipment.

How do buyers and sellers share their items? Are items listed or more via word of mouth?

The event will be very casual and participants will be bringing whatever gear they choose. We won’t have a list available but sellers will be encouraged to post the event on social media and other accessible channels. We’ll be encouraging sellers to use the hashtag #dijifixSS to help make it easier for people to connect if they aren’t able to make it out.

Will there be anything for sale or only to trade?

All items are under the discretion of the participants. This means there can be both buying and trading, a combination of cash and trade, or any other form of compensation as requested by the individuals.

Will there be any additional activities, beyond equipment bartering at the event?

There will be various activities planned throughout the area during Mission Sunday Streets. We’ll be encouraging pick up performances and collaborative play out front where anyone walking by can have a chance to sit and listen, jump in as well as ask questions.