Festival season is currently in full swing, which also includes non-music events like Goat Festival as well as the upcoming Nacho Typical Festival on April 9.

Former San Francisco mayoral candidate and still sarcastic media personality Stuart Schuffman, more commonly known as Broke-Ass Stuart, has partnered with the SoMa StrEat Food Park to host the first ever Nacho Typical Festival. They are confident that people will lose their minds over the collection of food trucks scheduled to appear, and kick-ass live music by Harry & the Hitmen, Battlehooch, and The Stu Tails.

The event runs 11am to 4pm and only costs $5 to attend. A special $30 drink and admission ticket permits all-you-can-drink beer for four hours. Yes, heaven really is a place on earth. People can buy tickets here.

The current list of confirmed food participants:

* Izzy’s Cheesesteaks: Cheesesteak nachos
* Manna JPT: Oki (ahi or octopus) nacho, with jalapeño, avocado, cheese & sour cream.
* Bob Cha: Nachos with bulgogi beef, kimchi, lettuce over nacho chips and hot sauce, mild sauce over and onions on top
* Me So Hungry Too: Burgers and Sliders- Special TBD
* Bacon Bacon: Bacon-centric Cuisine- Special TBD
* Odang Udon: Homemade Udon Noodles- Special TBD
* Curry Up Now: Indian Fusion- Special TBD
* Firetrail Pizza: Wood-Fired Pizza- Special TBD
* NoNo Burger: Vegan Burgers- Special TBD
* Nucha Empanadas: Argentine Empanadas- Special TBD

To preview the event, we spoke with Broke-Ass Stuart about what attendees can expect from the day-long celebration of nachos.

How did you identify and convince all three bands to participate?

I know Harry & the Hitmen and Battlehooch from my days at UC Santa Cruz. I’ve been looking for the right event to bring both bands in for and this just felt right. Funky good music and nachos just go together perfectly in my mind. As for the Stu Tails: the cats at SoMa StrEat Food have worked with them before and told me great things so I said “hell yeah”

What type of beer will be available?

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of California craft beer at the park. And the best part is that for $30 you can get all-you-can-drink beer for 4 hours. That’s an incredible deal.

What are your preferred ingredients on nachos?

For me, the cheesier the nachos the better. And I like weird creative stuff on it too. Pulled pork and Sriracha would be perfect right now.



Do you have plans for other festivals based on food types?

I have a number of other fun food festivals in mind but, I wanna keep them secret so no one takes them :)

Who serves the best nachos in San Francisco?

Who serves the best nachos in SF? Well we’re about to find out on April 9th!

The food trucks and nacho variations will be listed on the Facebook invitation.