This weeks photo by Isa Grassi (San Francisco)


How would you describe your photo illustrations and which one is your favorite amongst everything that you have worked on?

Isa: All my paintings and prints are traditionally made, the only times I work digitally is when I work on roughs and plan out my compositions, but none of my finished work is digital. In the last year I’ve been experimenting different ways of tackling silkscreen printing while using photographs, so I would make the separations digitally but handprint everything myself. One of my favorite prints is ‘Euler’s Identity’, which is part of my Equations series. Whenever I make something, it needs to have a meaning, a concept; with this series, I wanted to challenge the boundaries between visual art and math/physics by taking equations and depicting them through images that relate to daily life. Euler’s Identity is considered to be the most beautiful equation by mathematicians and it comprises the five most important mathematical constants; how I decided to depict the equation was through a face that fell under the criteria of perfect proportions, hence the grid on top of the face, which was created by surgeon Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt.

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