Food delivery apps are the new clothing resale apps – they’re everywhere these days, and the selection can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. To make your lunch break adventure a bit easier, I examine the newest food delivery apps and rate them. Let’s begin with Sprig. (Note: The Sprig service has been shut down.)

What is it: Sprig promises “healthy, organic meals delivered in 15 minutes” -and may I add, in a cute package.

User experience: Sprig is very user-friendly. To order, I had to sign up – the process (done on a very old smartphone), was simple, quick and the app was easy to access. Just enter a few details, the delivery address, food selection, and it was done!

Delivery speed: Very efficient. As soon as I ordered, a text message informed me that the “server” will be at my doorstep in 15-25 minutes. I took him 15, as promised.

Range: This is Sprig’s weak moment. Despite promises of collaborations with exciting chefs, the daily changing selection is modest at best. On the day I ordered, options were Rosemary Chicken and Squash Salad with Wild Rice, Sesame Chicken Wrap, Beet and Farro Salad and Chipotle Pork Mac and Cheese with Zucchini and Peppers. I get it, salad is healthy, but unless Mac and Cheese on a sunny day excites you, you’re left with very little to choose from. Slightly underwhelmed by the menu options, I went for the chicken salad and the chicken wrap.

Taste: The salad looked beautiful and very restaurant-like, colors and textures and all. It successfully combined roasted squash, crunchy rice, fresh frisee and a tasteful dash of rosemary. It offered some interesting flavors. Only the lemon chicken failed to impress – bland and lacking pizzazz. The wrap turned out to be a green spinach tortilla, hosting the same chicken – shredded with spices this time, plus charred scallions, red bell peppers, toasted cashews, shredded carrots, cucumbers and fresh herbs. It was OK, but lacked an indulgent, lick-your-fingers kick one might crave in a delivery lunch.

Service Area: This part was always impossible to figure out. The information is absent (or very efficiently hidden) on the website, but having ordered almost to Daly City, I assume Sprig covers San Francisco at large.

Overall grade: 7 out of 10. Variety could improve, however, “fast and healthy” is a welcomed combination.

Have you tried Sprig? Do you have a favorite delivery app? Tell us about your experience in the comments section below!