Billie Joe Armstrong of East Bay pop-punk band Green Day plans to open his own music store in Oakland called Broken Guitars on April 3.

Located at 423 40th Street, Broken Guitars will be located across the street from independent record store and label 1-2-3-4 Go!. The shop will initially sell both vintage and used American guitars mostly culled from his personal collections, according to the East Bay Express. Broken Guitars will also sell amps and offer repair services.

One of Armstrong’s longtime business partners and bandmate in Pinhead Gunpowder, Bill Schneider, will help run Broken Guitars. “We want to be a shop for musicians. The focus is used American guitars: Gretsch, Fender, and not necessarily just vintage ones,” said Schneider.

There’s a void between entry-level guitars and high-end gear marketed to wealthy hobbyists. Broken Guitars’ selection will range from $400-$800 to target budget enthusiasts.

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