DJ Kramer, a longtime Burner and San Francisco-based DJ before relocating to New York, is one of the founding members of Burning Man’s Distrikt Camp. While he now calls the East Coast home, the house DJ can still be found regularly in SF, including at Public Works this weekend on Oct. 11 for the Distrikt Dusty Camp Party.

How would you describe your style?

House, with tech-house and deep house flair, but I play anything that gets people to shake it!

What inspires you?

Basically finding songs that are different and keeping people feeling good.

How did you get started?

In 1997, I was living in LA and had friends in the DJ scene in SF. House music was more interesting in SF than in LA, so I moved to SF and my friends taught me some stuff and I just started DJing. This was during the dot-com boom, so dot-com launch parties every night and the music scene was just banging then. I could DJ any night of the week and most often did.

How has the scene change since you started?

Progressive house as a genre has been hijacked by DJs like Guetta and Tiesto. There are fads within house music that ebb and flow, but there is always something new—like minimal or banging electro. I always come back to house that’s not too dark that people are going to relate to.

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What are you doing now?

I’ve been in NY for the past year. I try to go back to SF every two weeks or so, but haven’t been able to go back as often as I would like. I’ve been DJing out and freelancing as a digital producer working with Scott G to produce Methodrone. Some DJs have a day job where they are an accountant and crunch numbers all day and then DJ at night, but I am always doing something with music and video production.

What do you do after your set is over?

I got to sleep! I used to go to the after party, but they’re never as fun as you expect them to be—it took me 20 years to figure that out, though! Sometimes I’ll go out after, it depends on the night and when I get done.

Where are some of your favorite spots in SF?

Public Works is my favorite club. They’ve got a great sound system and a great gang. I’ve known those guys for a long time! I love dive spots like Latin American Club and the Phoenix Bar to watch the 49ers play and drink beer with friends. Hog & Rocks is good for pub food and drinks.

DJ Kramer performs at Public Works on Saturday, Oct. 11 at the Distrikt Dusty Dance Party.