San Francisco-based startup Darby Smart, a crafting service that delivers supplies for popular DIY projects, launched new offerings for wedding projects this month after receiving $6.3 million in new funding.

Darby Smart, which recently raised $6.3 million in capital provided by Maveron and other venture capital firms, continues its expansion into the $29 billion crafting market with the new projects offered on its site, according to tech blog

The new wedding option has roots in founder and CEO Nicole Farb’s inspiration to create Darby Smart.

“It started when I was trying to craft for my wedding,” Farb told us in an interview last August. “Pinterest had come about; you end up finding all these awesome ideas and then you drive to Michaels to try to recreate them. It was a failure, at least for me. I tried to make 300 thank you cards and I still have them to this day—all this paper sitting at my house basically gone to waste.”

The platform is attractive to investors, according to David Wu, a partner with Maveron, a company that invests in consumer-based businesses.

“Darby Smart has successfully engaged one of the biggest untapped consumer categories by using technology to build a platform that bridges the gap between the craft store, online DIY influencer and the customer,” Wu says.