Chuy Gomez Returns to Radio With Hot 105.7

After streaming Nelly’s “Hot in Here” constantly for the last few days, local radio station 105.7 (100.9 in Santa Clara) revealed today that it switched formats from “Latino Mix” to pop and hip-hop as Hot 105.7 with Chuy Gomez and DJ Mind Motion working the weekday afternoon commute shift.

The announcement marks the return of Gomez to the airwaves after he was fired in August from local hip hop/R&B station KMEL with no public explanation from the station. Gomez’s morning show partner DJ Mind Motion was also dismissed in November. The duo now reconvene weekdays on Hot 105.7 from 3pm to 7pm.

“Time change is the only difference,” Gomez said at the station today. “Everything else is high quality Chuy Gomez and Mind Motion.”

Makr Arias, content director at the station, said 105.7 made the switch after seeing a need in the market for a station that mixes an urban music format similar to KMEL with more Top 40, similar to Wild 94.9 and Now 99.7.

“We just feel like the Bay Area has been asking for something new and fresh,” Arias says. “It’s a format they call CHR Rhythmic with a little bit of hip hop, R&B and Top 40 crossed-over.”

With more than 20 years of experience on air in the Bay Area and a regular at local parties, Gomez will likely bring a loyal following with him to the station.


  1. sleeperconnie March 3, 2016 at 3:23 pm

    Chuy, I am living in Vegas now but I am SF born and bred. I love that you STILL ROCKING da bay area boo! Go continue to favor you.

  2. YO Yo Chewy I just ran into you in South City Darby Dans..Wade remember my artist Poly QuEen..I want to thank you for that information And wisdom… your superstar knowledge of artists, respect you’re a legend ….ill never forget that bruh… nobody do it better than you homie…. all the old school mixes and scratches yeeaaayeeeaa….feeling yo Show the time…thanks for listening to my artist Poly QuEen and your advice means the world to me respect respect legend chewy chewy chewy!!!!!!! So.City Yo

  3. How can I apply for an internship

  4. Welcome back chuy an mind motion do yo thang homies let that weak ass morning show on u kno what station what they lost, and her voice irritates the hell out of me

  5. Play CAITY COSTA…. Please???

  6. Love this station so happy you back

  7. It’s about time I hope it’ll be different from that other station.
    And play some local artists….

  8. leticia aranda March 27, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    Its awsome that chuy gomez is back.

  9. Cool. Now I got a loco local station to tune into. Tag team it with chilo for a set no one can touch, mi dos centavos.

  10. So glad you’re back, Chuy Chuy Chuy Goooomez!!! We’ve missed you and Mind Motion

  11. I liked the old format of Latin music and hip hop now it will be just another KMEL

  12. Sooooooooooo glad and happy to hear Chuey on a station he truly belongs on and my wishes came true to hear hiim with his own station .Since he’s been
    gone Sona made kmel hella Rachet . Good luck Chuey hope to work with you soon !

  13. I am happy to hear that Chuy is back on the air! We missed you!

  14. r.i.p kmel welcome HOT 100.7 AND 105.7

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