New York electronic rock duo Phantogram started their most recent U.S. tour Thursday night with a sold-out show at Fox Theater.

Touring in support of Voices, their second full-length album and major label debut, this evening felt much different than the duo’s most recent Bay Area performance at Treasure Island, enhanced by a lucid lightning setup and much longer set with new material such as bleak, dream-like slow jam “Bill Murray” and their new paralyzing hit single, “Fall in Love.”

The stage environment kept a near nocturnal illusion via gyrating colored beams twirling through wispy smoke. Swirling, distorted guitar riffs rumbled in harmony with hazy synths to create dark and lonely choruses rich with psychedelic melodies and drenched in organic textures.

Favorites from the evening included a dizzy rendition of “Running From The Cops,” the blissful track “When I’m Small” with vibrant bass and swaying keyboards and soulful sighs during Phantogram’s first breakout hit “Mouthful of Diamonds.” The multi-song extended encore thoroughly exceeded expectations.

Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel alternated vocal leads throughout the night, passing the ball of vocal energy back and forth while cathartic and ethereal rhythms rained ominously upon the audience. At one point, Barthel paused to disclose her adoration for the Bay Area and the energy from the local fans, admitting it was the perfect way to kick off their upcoming road schedule.