Do you consider yourself a beer enthusiast? If so, you need to check out SF-based Oct 28 Productions’ new web series Brew Age. Brew Age: A Craft Beer Revolution is a stunning short format video series, documenting the home brewers and microbrewers alike that are making a splash in the craft beer industry. The first two episodes have been released and they are a fantastic blend of sexy, geeky, and educational beer tidbits.

The first episode features Matthew and Marek from Dirty Robot in San Francisco. As roboticists, engineers, and lovers of craft beer, these guys have programmed robotic arms to do the hard stuff for them.

The second episode focuses on yeast. In honor of the Bay Area Science Festival, a group of passionate microbrewers, scientists, and yeast cultivators made 3 original brews to compete in a blind tasting at Nerd Nite in SF.

With new episodes every Wednesday, it’s a fun new addiction. We recommend watching with a craft beer in hand.