There have probably been many occasions when you’re sitting at home or on the go and wondering exactly how long the wait list is at your favorite restaurant. Now, there’s an answer to this problem, without having to make a phone call.

Pizzeria Delfina has partnered with Dropcam to introduce WaitCast at its 18th Street location. A Dropcam (a WiFi video monitoring camera and cloud service) is pointed at the wait list chalk board at the pizzeria, allowing people to live stream the length of the wait.

The Dropcam app can be downloaded (for both iOS and Android phones) and users can monitor the live stream of the wait list on their phone or computer.

Dropcams send encrypted video to the cloud, which then securely streams video to devices.

Pizzeria Delfina will introduce the WaitCast at its Pacific Heights location (2406 California Street) on Tuesday, October 22.