Hundreds of people over the weekend waited in line for the grand opening of streetwear company Pink + Dolphin’s second flagship store on Haight Street near Masonic.

The label, co-owned by 23-year-old Cena Barhagi and 25-year-old Neima Khaila is known for its limited runs of “gender bending” color schemed snapbacks, hoodies and T-shirts and has also amassed a talented list of fans along the way, including Chris Brown, Iamsu and Justin Bieber. The guys, who are originally from the Bay Area, see the grand opening as a monumental part of their five-year-old brand.

“I don’t think we really knew how far it was really going to get,” Barhaghi syas. “To be able to come back to the bay is crazy. So much legendary stuff has happened on Haight.”

What does Pink Dolphin stand for?

NK: Pink Dolphin is a real animal and is an endangered species, mostly found in the Amazon. We base a lot of the elements of our brand on this animal—some of it being that it is unique, rare, different and exclusive.

Describe the brand in 5 words:

NK: Rare, Legendary, Positivity, Prosperity and Unique.

What does it mean for you guys to come back to the Bay Area?

CB: It started out as a hobby in high school and now the brand has come so far. I think the Fairfax store [in LA] was something we had to do first to get the brand exposed, but we’re able to take all the mistakes that we made there and make a bigger, better store here in the Bay area. It’s pretty epic.

What are some major influences that affect the brand’s aesthetic?

CB: I think one of my biggest influences has been Kanye West. He sets a lot of trends, and that is always an inspiration to be able to do that. I’ve definitely learned a lot from him, and how he debuts his trends.

Where do you see the brand in 5 years?

I’d love to open up a store in Paris. I think that’s what is next for us.

Pink Dolphin 1

Pink Dolphin 2

Pink Dolphin 3

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