The creators of social music-sharing website announced a new live music platform, Turntable Live, to support artists and their performances with real-time, interactive shows.

The new service will allow online attendees to ask questions, share snapshots and hear other fans all while listening to great music. The product kick-off happens this week at CBGB (Country, BlueGrass, and Blues) festival in New York.

Any artist can schedule an event at Turntable’s office in New York city to perform in front of their online audience. Fans can elect to buy tickets to the show and if enough tickets are sold, the artist will play the event. During the live performance, attendees can interact with the artist by asking questions and sending photos, and communicating with the rest of the online crowd. It’s very similar to’s core service, which allows users to create virtual “rooms” where their avatar can DJ while other users chat through a text interface.

There is clearly a lot of potential to enhance the concert experience when using a digital medium, such as green screens and visual effects. It will be interesting to see if the company can sign deals with near mainstream artists that are able to generate enough demand from fans to play a live show.