Self-described “eccentric millionaire” John McAfee, founder of McAfee Inc., is at it again, this time parodying himself with the video “‘How to Uninstall McAfee Antivirus,” complete with bath salts, half-naked women and a hand gun.

“If the press are going to apply labels that manage to stick, I might as well at least use that image to help people out,” said McAfee during a phone interview with from Montreal, where he’s busy shooting five days worth of scenes for another video, a self-described personal documentary directed by Francois Garcia.

“Maybe I am crazy, but I’m self aware that I am crazy,” said McAfee. “If you look at the comments below almost any story that has been written about me, over half the comments are from people who are angry at me because I developed the world’s worst antivirus software.”

“I haven’t been associated with that company for over 19 years—I say 15 in the video but in reality it’s been over 19 years—and yet people are angry at me for developing that software,” McAfee said. “Those comments that I read in the video, by the way, are real comments. If you Google ‘Fuck McAfee,’ you’ll see hundreds of thousands of comments like that. The comments I read are just from the first page that come up on a Google search.” Read more via

McAfee, who fled after it was announced he was wanted as a person of interest in a Belize murder last year, now lives in Portland, Ore.