Bay Area soul singer Darando, who remained a mystery to record collectors for nearly 25 years before re-emerging in 2007, has passed away, according to Ubiquity Records.


Few details have emerged about Darondo’s death, excluding this message from Ubiquity Records published on Facebook today:

“Today we at Ubiquity have heavy hearts as we learn of the passing of William Daron Pulliam aka Darondo a true artist, performer, character and friend. RIP. Tribute and more details coming soon.”

A character, indeed. In addition to great love songs in the vein of Al Green and a funky tribute to legs, Darondo used to cruise in a Rolls Royce with a bar and a picnic table and there are still some gems lingering on YouTube from his more eccentric days as a public access TV host.

For nearly 25 years William “Darondo” Pulliam remained a mystery to vinyl collectors and 70s soul and R&B enthusiasts. The Bay Area singer released three singles in the early 70s before abandoning the music scene and virtually disappearing, leaving only a few rare 45s and a mysterious persona. In addition to his music, and its nods to Al Green and The Isley Brothers, Darondo was known for sporting flashy clothes, spending money and driving his with 1965 Rolls Royce. Some thought he was a pimp, but the singer claims he was a legit businessman, enjoying the finer things in life. Read more from the SF Station interview with Darondo in 2007.