After a dispute with neighbors who complained about the smell of bacon in the Haight, Bacon Bacon finds a new home at local music venue Brick and Mortar.

It’s been an interesting year for Bacon Bacon, which started as a food truck created by Jim Angelus and quickly morphed into something much bigger. Now, with permitting in limbo at its Frederick Street facility, Angelus has found a new home a Mission District music venue Brick and Mortar.

“I have known the owner of Brick and Mortar, Michael O’Connor, for several years,” Angelus said. “He also has another business with my brother-in-law. He gave me a call. Really just a crazy small world.”

Service at Brick and Mortar starts on Wednesday, June 12 with lunch from 11am to 3pm, then Monday-Friday thereafter. The menu will feature “the usual hits” from the Bacon Bacon food truck—burgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and bacon fries. Starting in July, Angelus and crew will be doing food for many of the evening events at the venue on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

As for his first cafe on Frederick Street? The ordeal over permitting is still ongoing. Angelus said he was not caught off-guard or surprsied when concerns arose from two sets of neighbors about his business.

“Those two sets of neighbors harassed the tenants before me, vendors before me and city officials,” he said. “They emailed me before I moved, saying they had concerns about my business. What I was caught off guard with was how the system allows one person to file a discretionary review application and have that derail the entire process. The smell issue was what the press grabbed on to, but they complained about people’s dogs being tied up to trees out front while they waited for food, about people on their cellphones, delivery trucks, sandwich board signs.”

Angelus did take solace in the fact that for the most part, the neighborhood supported his business. As Angelus awaits a hearing for later this summer on the cafe, the news has become viral, both locally and nationally. Bacon Bacon even received a mention on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update.”

When we first talked to Angelus as he was just starting up his food truck business, we discussed the love of bacon. That love seems to have taken ahold of food enthusiasts across the country, where everything seems to include bacon these days. So did Angelus expect the success he’s achieved since his truck first appeared in the Bay Area in the summer of 2011?

“I didn’t foresee any of this. I was telling my wife this weekend, as cool as all the press has been for us, good or bad, national attention and all, I really thought this was going to be a little breakfast and lunch business, ” he said. “I had no idea what I was getting into. At times, I feel like I’m a leader in the craziest cult ever. People are bacon crazy. I happened to be really fortunate with the timing. I didn’t invent anything here, just a catchy name and solid food.”

Angelus said he is hoping for bigger and better things in the next year. That includes another truck in 2014, something that will help, as he’s turned down a significant amount of business opportunities. He has also been approached about possibly taking both the brick-and-mortar and truck ideas to a bigger, possibly national level, although that’s just in the “possibility” stages.

Photo Credit: Bacon Bacon, via Facebook