Local Record Label Spotlight: FSQ Records

FSQ is both a production team and record label focused on around Funk, Style, and Quality. With digital media guru Chuck Da Fonk as the main figure head and Berklee College of Music graduate and hip-hop producer G Koop for much of the instrumentation, mixing and mastering, this growing record label is keen to get the ball rolling in 2013.

They launched by remixing Philadelphia indie band Work Drugs’ song “Cursive Grounds” – and are working with a disco, funk, house aesthetic.

In Chuck’s own words,

“We are curating the best of what we are hearing out there via sets placed on the front page of FSQ and Beatport. Would you see a DJ set from FSQ in the future? We know music, but we don’t pretend to know how to DJ and we are honing are art as producers. But sure we could be out there as selectors. I was buying records in 1983. I sold my whole collection of about 10,000 vinyl records in 2002, I didn’t feel a connection to the records themselves, I had just bought them to have access to the music, rare funk and soul. Once you could find every song ever on YouTube, lugging those records around wasn’t fun anymore.”

With FSQ, Chuck seeks to release new music and develop new artists who are in the disco, funk, and house world. “Weirdly though my first FSQ signing may be a Bay Area teen indie rock band I found when judging battle of the bands for JCCSF!”

So be on the lookout them and their upcoming releases from the group include collaborations with DJ Apt One, G Koop, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and The Atomic Headz.

Funk / Disco / House producers interested in working with FSQ or having their music remixed by FSQ can email [email protected]


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