Eddie Osterland became the first Master Sommelier in the United States in 1973 when he passed the prestigious Master Sommelier Diploma Exam. And although he has stepped away from the restaurant side of the business, he is offering advice to a new audience.

Osterland was in San Francisco recently and we got a chance to sit down with him to talk wine and about his new book, “Power Entertaining: Secrets to Building Lasting Relationships, Hosting Unforgettable Events, and Closing Big Deals from America’s 1st Master Sommelier.”

The book is more business focused, looking at Osterland’s operating system which he calls “power entertaining.”

“The real aim of this book is to help people realize the important role food and wine can play when entertaining – whether you’re a business person hosting hundreds of guests or just planning a small get together with friends. Knowing what to serve and how to serve it can make all the difference in the world.”

The book brings up several key points in Osterland’s mind to holding a successful event – from interacting with a sommelier or local retailer to breaking the norm in terms of dishes served. Osterland’s time away from the restaurant scene has allowed him to venture out into public speaking and holding workshops and conferences on these principals of power entertaining. And the book is not just for veteran business people as it may seem on the surface – Osterland has made it a point to try to talk to business school graduating classes, informing those just headed into the business world about opportunities that can arise by not just “playing it safe and being book smart.”

Making his home now in San Diego, Osterland said he doesn’t miss the crazy hours and lifestyle of a sommelier, but is still filled with a deep passion for wine and food, which is very present in speaking to him and in his writing.



Photo Credit: Eddie Osterland, via Facebook