Easter Sunday means brunch with the family. And no, we’re not listing EVERY single restaurant that is open for brunch. But here are a few unique dishes in San Francisco that are all egg all the time.

Rebel Within at Craftsman and Wolves – This devilish treat from William Werner is a cheese, green onion and sausage muffin with an egg in the center of it all. Perhaps his signature menu item at Craftsman and Wolves, when breaking the muffin in half, the beautiful yolk oozes out of the egg, creating a messy, yet wonderful experience. For a breakfast item, the Rebel Within is really like two meals in one – there’s the egg and the very hearty muffin. Craftsman and Wolves is located at 746 Valencia Street (at 18th).

Warm Egg Salad Sandwich at Il Cane Rosso – Not necessarily unique, but this might be the best sandwich in San Francisco, no joke. Chef Lauren Kiino’s rather simple sandwich is filled with all sorts of goodness, from the greens to the anchovy-garlic butter and the aged provolone topping off the warm egg salad. And it is large enough to share with a friend (I prefer to have it all to myself). Il Cane Rosso is located inside the Ferry Building.

A Spoonful of Happiness at Koo – This popular sushi haven in the Inner Sunset is best enjoyed at the small sushi bar, which seats less than 10 people, but is worth the wait. Along with a large selection of authentic nigiri, rolls and other Japanese creations from the kitchen, the restaurant is best known for its starter, A Spoonful of Happiness. A spoonful of uni, quail egg, tobiko ponzu and ankimo, wrapped with whitefish, white truffle-oil ponzu and served with a shot of chilled sake. Perfection to start off any meal. Koo is located at 408 Irving Street (between 5th and 6th avenues).

Pickled Eggs at St. Vincent – While St. Vincent is more well-known for its imaginative and creative wine list, the food from Chef Bill Niles easily matches the drinks. A favorite is the Pickled Eggs. Although it’s a smaller dish, the pickling (with beets, horseradish or curry) is done well, with a nice mix of the natural egg flavor along with whichever ingredient is selected. St. Vincent is located at 1270 Valencia Street (at 24th Street).

Photo Credit: Wexler's

BBQ Scotch Eggs at Wexler’s – My love of egg dishes grew further when I had my first scotch egg; I mean, what could be better than a hard-boiled egg wrapped in meat, coated in breadcrumbs and deep-fried. At Wexler’s, the dish is served with a house made hot sauce and sweet tea gastrique. As great as the deviled eggs are in San Francisco, the hearty warmth and great texture of scotch eggs take the cake for me every time. Wexler’s is located at 568 Sacramento Street (near Montgomery).