All this week, BART will be running its second bike pilot program, with a few changes from the last time.

For the week of March 18-22, the transit agency will allow bikes on trains all day, including commute hours. The last pilot program in August 2012 took place on Fridays only, usually the lightest commute day of the week. Other bike rules such as no bikes on escalators or in crowded cars will remain in place.

Since the first pilot program last year, BART officials said they have made changes so that they can get a full gauge of how this would work if fully implemented. That includes designating the first three cars as “bike-free” and reconfiguring the interior of trains to create more space for everyone, including bike riders. Ultimately, the goal of BART’s Bicycle Plan is to make it easier to use a bike to get to and from BART and to double the percentage of riders who do bike by 2022.

Throughout the process, BART will be gathering public feedback on whether riders feel the program will work or won’t work. The survey will also be available online through BART’s website. The results will be presented to the Board of Directors at a later date, along with the opportunity for public comment before the transit agency moves ahead with any plans.



Photo Credit: lensovet, via Wikimedia Commons