After a few hiccups in the building and inspection process, Charles Chocolates has opened for business.

We visited with owner Chuck Siegel on Thursday and he said that although he would have preferred to open a bit earlier, the entire process has actually “not been that bad,” citing the pleasantness of the people he has come across. Siegel has been a staple in the Bay Area chocolate scene for nearly a decade, offering his treats and confections to the masses.

The new location on Florida Street was the former Potrero Brewing Company. Siegel said that while it is a similar size to his former Emeryville location, there is far less storage space, meaning much of the packaging for his chocolate bars and other desserts is being held at a space on Treasure Island.

Meant as part retail shop, part café and part exhibition kitchen, Siegel said Charles Chocolates is sure to delight guests. “They get a chance to see the process that goes into making our confections and desserts. I’ve been pretty fortunate in that I love chocolate and I love making chocolate and different bars and treats. It’s not every job that where almost everyone that visits is glad to see me,” Siegel said. “I have friends who are doctors and lawyers and they can’t say the same.”

The menu at the café will feature confections sold by the piece and box, desserts like made-to-order S’mores , brownies, walnut squares, cookies, hot chocolate and Siegel’s own take on classic frozen desserts like the Fudgesicle and Creamsicle. Siegel said part of the fun of the job is creating new items, which will be featured over the coming weeks. “We’re lucky to have such a bounty of ingredients to choose from here in the Bay Area. So while some of the most popular items like the French Paves and Fruit and Nut Bar will always be included, I’m also trying to come up with something new and different each day.”

The space will eventually feature a patio with outdoor seating as well. Charles Chocolates is now open daily from 11-7 and is located at 535 Florida Street, between Mariposa and 18th.