Not many people are fortunate enough to travel around the globe, tasting the authentic cuisine of destinations in far away lands. But a new monthly dining club, Hungry Globetrotter, is bringing the flavors of the world to kitchens across the country.

Hungry Globetrotter was started by Vijay Rajendran. It launched earlier this year and is based in San Francisco. He said the ultimate goal is to provide food enthusiasts, busy professionals and home chefs a way to discover all the unique flavors of the world.

“Hungry Globetrotter strives to provide people the opportunity to discover cuisines and foods that they may not normally experience,” Rajendran said.  “Out first shipment in September was a Southern Indian sampler that received great feedback and we are looking forward to continuing the momentum.”

The sampler includes a carefully curated box of recipes, sauces and spices. There are also preparation tips and shopping lists to make the experience easier for chefs, maybe for those hard-to-find ingredients. For the Southern Indian sampler, the box included Maya Kaimal brand Madras Curry simmer sauce, Spicely brand Organic Garam Masala and Cayenne, Cobra Corn Mumbai Masala spicy popcorn and Blue Lotus Chai.

Rajendran’s exploration of the world through food has grown through his experience living in six countries and visiting dozens of others. He actually started Hungry Globetrotter as a food and travel blog before realizing how many people lived vicariously through tourism and food shows or reading about these locations online.

For the holidays, Hungry Globetrotter is also offering breakfast boxes and baking ingredients along with its monthly subscription service.

All shipped products are non-perishable and the company also offers many of the ingredients on its website so meals can be easily repeated. Meal plans also take into account vegetarian and fish substitutions and allergies.

The subscription club can be paid for on a month-to-month basis or for periods of 3, 6 or 12 months. Click here for more information.



Photo Credit: Hungry Globetrotter