One of the great things about electronic dance music is its plethora of niche sub-genres; beyond that, there’s a slew of underground artists thriving in each of those. Tin Man, aka Johannes Auvinen, is one such artist who has been bubbling up behind the scenes for over ten years. Raised in LA and currently residing in Vienna, Auvinen found outlets for his revamped vision for acid house and dystopian-flavored techno through labels such as LA-based Absurd Recordings, Keys of Life, and his own Global A imprint.

Just this year, Auvinen released two EPs, one being a collaborative project with Prologue-associated dark techno duo, Cassegrain, along with his full length, Neo Neo Acid. In earlier albums, such as his 2008 full length, Wasteland, Auvinen integrates his wistful vocals into his minimalist productions for an effect that is cold, yet personal, with a strong sense of voice and direction.

Throughout his discography, it’s clear that Tin Man’s strength lies in his ability to pay homage to the roots of jacking dance tracks while keeping an open mind for fresh sounds and compositions of the less-is-more variety. Friday, November 30, you can catch Tin Man on 222 Hyde’s Turbosound with As You Like It for an intimate live performance.

Tin Man plays As You Like It with support from Mozaic and Brian Bejarano at 222 Hyde on Friday, November 30. Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here.