As You Like It: Tin Man

Event has passed (Fri Nov 30, 2012 - Fri Nov 30, 2012)
222 Club - NOW CLOSED
9pm - 2am
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As You Like It at 222 Hyde
November 30, 2012
Extremely Limited Capacity / No Guest List
Pre-sales $20

Tin Man LIVE (Absurd Recordings // Vienna, Austria) San Francisco Debut
Brian Bejarano (As You Like It, RE:body)
Mozaic (Travieso)

We invite you to a new series of events that we'll be hosting at 222 Hyde. 222 Hyde's provides combines two elements important to us since our creation: intimacy and outstanding sound. For each of our "As You Like It at 222 Hyde" session we'll continue to bring you quality music, but now on 222's Turbo Sound. Tickets will be extremely limited. We highly suggest pre-sales to guarantee admission. Capacity is extremely limited. Please purchase a pre-sale to guarantee admission.

TIN MAN is...

"An ode to depleted serotonin"

"At his best when following his oddest impulses"

"What might literally be the deepest techno music out there"

"A sonic distillation as nuanced, stylized, and cinematic as anything playing at your local art house"

"Tin Man goes straight for the gut. From his booming 808 kick drums to his viscous midrange,

his music is a visceral presence, one that at times seems to be rumbling deep inside you"

"Leonard Cohen on codein, Beck on heroin, David Gahan on his deathbed"

"master of noir-ish suspense"

"Buy it before it gets raw, and it will be raw for sure…"

The last year sees Tin Man touring around the world sharing his style in many venues. Some highlights include his first appearances in China and Japan, and also in some very respectable international house and techno clubs including Rex in Paris, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and Bunker in New York to good reception. Also, in the last year, Tin Man has produced a slew of records and remixes. "Non Neo" from March 2011 was something of an underground dance hit this year and the new full length album "Perfume", has drawn quite some attention. Recently, he also has made remixes for Hit Safe, Donato Dozzy, and Obtane and Gorgio Gigli. Tin Man has also received press, interviews, great reviews, and featured mixes the last year in Groove and De:Bug magazines, as well as online via Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, and Little White Earbuds to mention a few.

Flying low under the radio the last years, TIN MAN has been stirring some interest in a variety of musical circles. His Acid Acid record, while not being too old or too scarce, already fetches hundreds of dollars. This is perhaps because TIN MAN maintains a kind of rawness in his approach to making music and resists the troupes of image based music promotion. Still after more than ten releases in different genres there is no image on his album covers. They still come in a standard format package with varied color shades and hardly varied text formatting. TIN MAN also has established and maintained an individual sound in his production, and that confounds and appeals to just about everyone. Tin Man has released records on divese underground labels including Sähko, Cheap, Absurd, Salon, White Denim, and Global A.

Of Finnish descent, but born and raised in California, TIN MAN now has a home in Vienna, a town perfectly suited to his deep and moody productions. TIN MAN launched his Global A label project in 2004. The first two releases, 'Places' and 'Acid Acid', weighed in at three pieces of vinyl each, and showcased his two major musical passions: fragile deep electronica and acid house. TIN MAN has acclaimed releases on the Finnish record label Sähkö / Keys of Life, Cheap Records from Vienna, and continues with new releases on his own imprint, Global A . While TIN MAN's output is diverse in its references, certain underpinnings can be heard throughout. There is always a strong reference to Acid House music, as well as a strong reference to Ambient and Electronic Pop music from the past 30 years. TIN MAN's newer output features his voice and follows a "concept album" format. Thus, complete records are as important as individual songs. The songs tend to follow a simple structure with changes that grow slowly within motifs. Mood construction and story telling are both equally important. And with each new record, there are new historical references to tell different stories. TIN MAN also continues with his passion for Acid House by continuing to produce retro-acid tracks and playing live shows regularly. These live shows celebrate early house music, its hypnotic charm, and its blissful raw energy.

Tin Man makes music rooted in Acid House. What is Acid House? Depending on where your interests lie, there are quite a few different angles you could approach the subject from. Tin Man comes from the the raw side of the early days of Acid House; the formative years when Acid House broke from Disco and New York House music to focused on a harder funk groove and heavy jacking binary beats. Beyond that, with the introduction of the 303 into the mix, Acid House broke from the musical constraints of other popular dance musics. A constantly modulated, organically developing bass groove caused a major shift in what the focus of electronic dance music could and would be. Some twenty odd years later, this shift is still an exciting root aspect to focus on in dance music.




As You Like It (AYLI) is the result of a shared taste for quality electronic music, late nights and experiences that focus on cutting-edge sounds by today’s most driven artists, while striving for and acknowledging timelessness.



  1. 222 Club - NOW CLOSED
    222 Hyde St, San Francisco, CA