When Charlie Palmer sets his mind to a project, he goes full bore, leaving no stone unturned. After taking over what has now become the revamped Mystic Hotel, including the Burritt Room + Tavern, one of his final pieces is the new private event space, the Berlinetta Lounge.

The Berlinetta Lounge provides guests with a unique space that can work for a small, intimate gathering or larger meeting. It has distinct hints from the past which fit perfectly into what Palmer was hoping to create. “When the designers came in, all I told them was that I wanted it to feel like it had been here for awhile. And it really has that unique feel to it.”

First thoughts when I walked in – this is a place that I could image being a private speakeasy in the 40’s or 50’s with guests grabbing drinks after work, sitting around in lounge chairs smoking a cigar or gathering with friends to just shoot the breeze. From the large communal table to the comfy lounge chairs and seating area to the bookcases and black and white photos on the wall, it has that old school feel with all the modern amenities needed to throw a great bash.

Depending on what type of event is being planned, there are plenty of food and drink options, which are customizable per party needs. In terms of food, guests can order bar bites, bar platters or even full-on stations (carving, appetizer, salad, dessert). The bar is customizable as well.

The lounge, located on the lobby floor, is available for groups as small as 10 people and can also accommodate up to 80 as well. Berlinetta Lounge is also open to hotel guests during the day with exclusive private events such as private tastings, live art shows and gallery exhibitions also on the docket.

The Mystic Hotel is located at 417 Stockton Street in San Francisco.  To book the Berlinetta Lounge, contact Stephanie Daniels at (415) 400-0555 or [email protected]



Photo Credit: Mystic Hotel