Following the surprise announcement of Som Bar’s closure, Club Six announced today that it will cease operations immediately.

Popular for hosting a variety of genres and scenes—dancehall in the dark, steamy basement and happy hour paint parties were our favorites—Club 6 provided a bright spot on a particularly shady corner of the 6th Street corner. The Club 6 owner Angel Cruz posted this message on its Facebook page today:

Thank You Bay Area for allowing Club Six into your night time Family over the years. Effective immediately Club Six is closed. Thank You to all the Patrons, Employees, DJs, Performers, Promoters, Artists, Dancers and Clients. As I look back, I’m happy Club Six served as an alternative venue. It was ahead of the music curve regardless of genre. When making this decision, I had the opportunity to go back and look at our history. I was totally blown away. It was Amazing to see how many great DJs, Performers, artists and parties we booked. When I get a chance, I’ll post all the old flyers (even the ones I’ve got to scan) and pictures, on our Facebook page and encourage you to do the same.

The owners of Som Bar posted a similar message on Facebook last week:

As you may have heard we have laid to rest our beloved little club SOM. Having lasted nearly three years, we accomplished what we had set out to do: Create a space to nurture DJs, producers, singers, rappers, drummers, mpc players, keytar freaks, comedians.

Create a space for music lovers/nerds/afficionados, artists, creatives, dancers, corporate types who have a hidden love for underground music to feel at home. Bring SF some of the world’s most amazing new music.

We are incredibly thankful to everyone who helped us create memories, everyone who helped us build the club from dirt to beauty, everyone who supported, came out, performed, did their thing, danced, everyone who smiled as they were leaving the club drenched in sweat, those that thanked us, and especially the folks who met their loved ones at SOM.

Som Bar has since reopened as Slate Bar. No word yet on what’s in store for space formerly known at Club Six. #RIP