One of the reasons why we love Instagram is because of its addictive visual appeal. In this week’s Neighborgram, we chat with loTaylor Hoff  who wors as a visual merchandiser and alsomoonlights as a photographer.

We think his work speaks for himself. What is there not to love about a guy who wants to be Jigglypuff (an adorable pink Pokemon character) for Halloween?

Name: Taylor Hoff

Neighborhood: Mission District

What do you love about your hood? I love that I can stay within a four block radius with no guilt.

For Work: Visual Merchandiser at Apple Inc.

For Fun: Skateboarding, getting goldfish-cracker drunk and literature.

How do you find out about events/things to do in SF? Text messages and morning run-ins with friends when I’m on my way to grab a coffee. Knowing about events more than 12 hours in advance is never as fun.

Whats your favorite SF Shop: Maas & Stacks

Whats is SF’s best kept secret? The Seward Street Slides.

What are your some of your most used apps? Twitter, Camera+, and Snapseed.

Best View? The view from my room’s window every morning.

What are some great instagram feeds you’re following now? @joeygolaw, @bsterling, @heltenkelt, @barkerbrooke, @amerrymishap, @extrabigger

How long have you been taking photos? At around 13 years old, I took photos of my brother and I skating in my backyard, missing focus, destroying composition, and mis-developing once it got to post.

What makes a great photo? When the viewer evokes an emotion they weren’t expecting.

Film or digital? When there’s time, film. There’s a thousand cliche reasons why I love film, but to sum it up; for the grit.

Favorite photographers? Jason Roque, Miranda Lehman, and my grandfather.

What is your favorite aspect of this city? I love SF for how charmingly small it is. You can never walk down the street without seeing a friend or acquaintance.

Any plans for Halloween? No plans as of yet, but I want to be Jigglypuff.

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