Not much introduction is needed for disco/electro/pop-punk artist collective SSION. From directorial projects for artists like Gossip and Peaches to releasing their own forty-plus videos for almost every song on their past ten albums, check out why they are the talk of the town this week when they arrive at Public Works this Thursday, 10/25.

Growing up in Lewisport, Kentucky, you would never guess that a then-16-year-old boy named Cody Critcheloe would evolve to become one of the biggest icons for the artistic gay community. 15 years later, SSION is an art/music/film collective based in NYC. Headed by creative mastermind Critcheloe, the group has done shows at galleries to grimy underground clubs. In the past ten years, they have also released ten albums. Most recently, SSION  just released an extended version of the 2011 album, Bent, which includes new tracks and remixes from Grimes and MNDR.

A review of a recent show in Denver states, “Every movement was calculated, but without straightforward choreography; the singer channeled so many divas of the recent past — Cher in her heyday, Freddie Mercury, Madonna — but in his own educated homage, not a played-out regurgitation.”

Here’s one of my personal favorites, “Earthquake.” I’m really not sure what’s happening, but all I know is that there is an alien, a black Santa, a witch, and an obtuse angel. Put it all together and you get a somewhat heartwarming video. How? Not sure, but check it out.

SSION performs with House of Ladosha, High Fantasy, and more. Tickets are currently $15 for presale.