SF Station and Academy of Art University have teamed up to deliver a bi-weekly SF Street Style gallery created by AAU styling students. This week’s theme is Colors.

“The dog days of Summer are upon us, but its not time to put away your festival gear quite yet. The Treasure Island Music festival, October 13th and 14th, is the last hurrah for San Francisco’s annual Indian Summer. Pops of color in clever places such as chartreuse tights, bright red boots, or pink hair, stand out in the crowd of hipsters who gather every year to groove to the latest synthpop. Colorful pattern on pattern à la Alexander Wang spring 2012, can been seen everywhere from Dolores Park to Pac Heights. A light scarf, whether they be tied daintily around the head retro style, or nonchalantly tossed around the shoulders, can be a god send when it comes to not getting sun burned – as well as protecting against the unpredictable and arctic SF breeze. Leather boots and over-sized sweaters help transition a summer look into fall, and a cute dog or bike doesn’t hurt either.” – Noah Shaw

Shot by Yi Ting Chen

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