When Central Kitchen and Salumeria were in the process of being built earlier, one of the main components for the neighborhood was going to be a garden and greening project outside the restaurants. Now, that sidewalk landscaping is complete.

Earlier this month, volunteers and staff came together to finish off the project with a landscape planting weekend. Volunteers got a little dirty but all in all, they got to see the process through and it allowed the restaurants to connect even further with their neighborhood and community.

The ne timeas restaurant group joined forces with local landscape designer Jane Martin to bring the Greening Project to fruition. The overall premise was to improve the landscape and make the 20th Street Corridor more aesthetically pleasing.

There is also an ecological benefit to the project as the bees on the Central Kitchen roof will pollinate with the flowers planted on the street, which will in turn provide nectar for the bees. The restaurant group is also hoping to incorporate more outdoor seating now that the landscaping has been completed.

A very unique and welcome addition to the neighborhood.



Photo Credit: Asta Karalis