We spotted Camille, a Berkeley-based CCA student, in Union Square on a chilly Tuesday evening sitting outside the new Uniqlo store, hanging out and listening to music before heading to a Deftones concert.

Wearing this striking all-black ensemble of creepers, leather jacket, knee socks, and ripped tights exposing a thigh tattoo, she told us she prefers shopping online to perusing the stores of San Francisco, but makes a special exception for the Nordstrom shoe department where she scores Jeffrey Campbells. Rivethead is another favorite, a goth-industrial shoe company based out of the United Kingdom, which has a location in the East Bay.

When asked to describe her style, Camille replied: “It changes everyday. I wear what I want to wear and I don’t care what’s in or what’s out. I spent far too long caring what other people think and I do not care anymore.”