Neighborgram is a new feature on SF Station showcasing Instagram feeds of local people in San Francisco. It’s a new way of meeting your neighbors, one photo at a time.

At the moment, Trotter Pup is arguably the cutest dog on Instagram and she just so happens to reside here in San Francisco. Her parents Sonya and Zack are both avid photographers who take adorable snapshots of the local canine star, who has subsequently amassed 40k followers. In this feature we talk with the family about life in the mission, and the best place for a fellow pup to go on a walk.

Neighborhood: Dolores Heights

For Work: Sonya is a Professional Food Pornographer and Zack is Director of Technology at Massive Black.

For Fun: Shooting, eating, cooking, traveling, book binges and restaurant hacking.

What do you love about your neighborhood? The bay views and living just two blocks away from Dolores Park.

Whats your favorite local shop? Flora Grubb & Mission Comics.

Whats your favorite local restaurant? Plow.

Whats is this San Francisco’s Best Kept Secret? A Saturday walk-in brunch at Cotogna (right when it opens), followed by a visit to William Stout Bookstore half a block away. It’s the perfect start to an SF weekend.

When did you join instagram? In Spring 2011.

What are some great Instagram feeds your following now? Cindy Loughridge

(@cindyloughridge), Daniel Dent (@ddent), Sarah Palmer (@heysp)

How long have you had Trotter Pup and how old is she? We’ve had her since she was 3 months old, she is now 1 year and 10 months. She’s a new year’s baby born on 1/1/11!

Where is the best place to take her for a walk? The Mission, where we have to stop every 20 feet because of squealing fans.

Why did you start taking pics of her? Because she’s hilariously photogenic and obedient. Plus, we’re both photographers; it’s pretty much second nature.

Why do you think she has such a following? Do you know another dog that will wear a top hat & hold a pipe in its mouth?

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