Ozumo in Oakland and Director of Sake Jessica Furui have planned a special dinner this week, hosting Yasuyuki Yoshida of Yoshida Brewing Company.

The dinner will feature Japanese cuisine paired with six of Yoshida’s sakes including a very rare Tedorigawa “Mangekyo,” a “pristine aged daiginjo” with only 400 bottles released each year. Yoshida will also be able to answer guests questions about his brewing philosophy and the sakes that are being presented.

Among the other sakes expected to be offered during the dinner: the Kinka Nama Daiginjo, Tsuyudodo Nama Shizuku Daiginjo, Iki Na Onna Junmai Daiginjo, Yamahai Daiginjo and Yamahai Junmai.

Tedorigawa has been at the forefront of the movement away from light and dry sakes to those that are more full-flavored. The brewery uses Kanazawa Yeast, which has a mild aroma profile with low acidity and produces sakes that have richness and complexity.

The menu features seven courses from Ozumo Chef de Cuisine Barry Shinto.

The dinner, beginning at 7:30 p.m., is $99 including tax and gratuity and is limited to 30 guests. Tickets can be purchased online. Ozumo in Oakland is located at 2251 Broadway.