Brother Culture Talks Peace and Love

Photo by Adam PW Smith

MC Brother Culture began his journey in the roots scene in 1982 with his project with Jah Revelation Muzik Sound System, and was an MC with London’s influential Dub Club in the ’90s. A influential figure in the worldwide dub scene, his rhythms and rhymes are centered around equal rights and justice for all.

He has recorded and worked with artists such as Aswad, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Zion Train, Adrian Sherwood, J*Star in his prolific thirty-year career. He performs with local DJ Sep at Dub Mission Sunday 10/7, with with Dubmashers and Rocker-T starting the night off.

Share with us what you’re currently working on.

At the moment I am getting ready for a series of tours including USA, Japan , Mexico and India all before the end of the year . Music-wise I am at the moment promoting my two latest releases “Good Word” from the Roots Garden label and “Now Is The Time” from Black Redemption label . I also have a dub album ready that I have produced with Youth the producer which will be out early next year . On the roots tip I am getting ready for a festival to be held in Gambia in January with my sound Jah Revelation Muzik, with the Back to Africa move organized by the Mad Professor.

What topics are you currently touching on in your live sets?

Peace , love , war , injustice , and spiritual attention to Jah works.

What do you think is important to educate people on today?

That love can be and is the only way, and that hope is not dead and to come together is better than division.

Tell us a little about your newest release, “Good Word.”

“Good Word” originally appeared as a track called “Redeye” on my 2008 ISIS album produced by Youth /Manasseh and Brother Culture . The album track was a very crossover almost phydub affair , so myself and Manasseh decided to remake a new riddim that sounded more digital rockers. The subject is a warning against religious intolerance… it says move away from prison and be free.

You’ve said in an interview that you’ve been “too open with producers.” Why do you think that’s a bad thing?

I would only talk for my experience and certain producers I have worked with over the years have only had their own interest in mind. But that was then and this is now!

What do you think of artists, mainstream artists, slowly gearing towards “pay what you want for my album?”

I can understand the move towards pay what you think … the whole process of music industry is changing due to the rise of digital formats. The “live” event is now the main focus … gives it away free and get much live work? I think.

Last time you were here, you performed with Adrian Sherwood. Tell us about who are some of your favorite people to perform with?

I loved working with Manasseh , Youth , On U Sound , Jah Revelation Muzik , Twilight Dub Circus , Zion train , Reloveution sound ( Sardinia). There are many many more but this is the main group whom I love performing with.

With so many years into your career, what’s something you feel like you still haven’t achieved?

Any sort of recognition from the UK roots/dub establishment, but this to I is a good thing! I want now to take the genre to a next level of live performance .