Stop by a 7-Eleven this Friday, September 28th,  cast your ballot  in a just-for-fun poll, and get a free large-size cup of coffee in honor of National Coffee Day, dubbed Coffree Day.

Drop in between the hours of 6 am and 10 pm in order to take advantage of the coffee giveaway and let your opinion be known.

Every four years, the convenience store encourages customers to choose either a red or blue cup, according to who they favor for the presidential election (non-partisan customers can choose a white cup and still get a free cup o’ joe).

The completely unscientific coffee vote has actually proven in the past three election cycles to correctly predict the results of the presidential elections, with cup purchases positively correlating with the sentiment of the nation– in 2008, the amount of blue cups exceeded the amount of red cups, and Obama was elected president.

In 2000 and 2004, the red cups had it, and we all know what happened in those elections.

So vote early, vote often, and get your gratis coffee on with the chain that started the to-go cup craze that is now an integral part of the American lifestyle.