During his career at the Paris-based fashion empire Hermès , Xavier Guerrand-Hermès amassed a substantial collection of North African jewelry and a significant number of historical portraits of the people inhabiting this region around the turn of the twentieth century.

Young girl, North Africa. Unknown photographer, c. 1870. Original photograph on albumen paper from a collodion glass negative

Starting October 5, 2012 at the Museum of the African Diaspora  94 pieces of jewelry and 28 photographs will go on display and offer a glimpse into the daily lives of people living in North Africa in what is now Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia a century ago.

Fibula (tabzimt). Aït Yenni peoples, Great Kabylie, Algeria. Late 19th century. Silver, coral, enamel

The jewelry pieces represented included necklaces, fibulas, hand pendants, meticulously hand crafted from various precious metals displaying the skill of North African jewelry designers.

Hermès North African Jewelry and Photography Collection at MoAD will be on view from Friday, October 5, 2012 through Monday, January 23, 2013.