Originally from Buenos Aires, relocated to Barcelona and now based in San Francisco, indie rock singer Marina Caviglia recently self-produced her debut album of sultry melodies and dreamy beats. She performs Thursday, September 27 at 50 Mason Social House with Hotel Eden.

We spoke to recent SF transplant Marina Caviglia about her worldly influences, romance and love for her new home.

Marina Caviglia “Subtle Lies”

You’re not from SF but living here now, where have you lived previously?

I was born in Buenos Aries and grew up there. After studying at conservatory for two years I moved to Holland for a year to study musical theater. I then moved to Barcelona where I’ve spent the last 8 years.

I had been working as a professional singer in Barcelona, many projects as a musical theater performer and I needed a change. I needed to focus on my career. My life as a professional singer was awesome but it was taking more time to create my artistic, own way of singing. I decided to move to San Francisco and fell in love with it.

Do you think traveling around the world and living in such different cities has affected the style of music that you make?

It totally has because I’m always in a musician community. I’m always meeting artists or musicians so I’m not only being modified geographically but the people I meet in the different places I go modify me. I’m a huge improviser and love jamming so everywhere I go I’m jamming with people and that influences my style.

You went back and spent a few months in Barcelona this summer making music. What’s the difference in when producing in Barcelona versus San Francisco?

In Barcelona you have no future with rock music in English. While you’re doing it your mind can be pretty limited. Here in the states you’re doing music and see opportunities. The energy and inspiration changes and you do it in a dreamier way here in the States.

You have so much to pull from, what is your greatest inspiration when writing music?

I have two main streams that inspire me, one is personal experience. Not things that happened to me or that I lived, just how I experienced those things. Not “going to the supermarket,” but “what I found out and learned going to the supermarket.” There’s a lot of existentialism in my lyrics and that eases my mind.

Another huge background I have is musical theater and that’s body movement, not necessarily sexual but sensual. Maybe an animal part of me that I love about myself and in other people. Finding your true self and developing it at best.

What’s your favorite place in San Francisco?

My favorite spot is the Ferry Building, it was the first place I went as soon as I got to San Francisco on Saturday morning for the farmer’s market. It was awesome to see this San Francisco reality of food from the farmers to your table. Variety, beauty, awesome coffee, the Bay, the bridges and a few blocks from downtown. I love to spend a morning in the Ferry Building.

Marina Caviglia performs with Hotel Eden this Thursday, September 27 at 50 Mason Social House. More info.