Delicious homemade Greek food awaits you at Annunciation Cathedral’s 2012 SF Greek Food Festival happening today Sunday, September 23, 2012, from noon until 8 pm.

This is an annual fund raising event to support the rebuilding of the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral, in San Francisco. It’s a great opportunity to sample unique traditional Greek dishes, some not found elsewhere in the city. See below for the menu of foods available for purchase. Many sweet items are sold in packages to take home.

And stay to watch the live music groups and many youth dance performances, many attendees also get to join in the fun (see videos below). Get free admission with this coupon, a $5 value.

Traditional savory menu:

Moussaka – baked seasoned meat and eggplant layers topped with bechamel sauce

Pastitsio – seasoned ground beef and pasta layers topped with bechamel sauce

Souvlakia – choice of grilled pork tenderloin or chicken skewers, marinated with traditional Greek spices

Kotopoulo – grilled chicken seasoned with salt, pepper, and oregano and basted with olive oil and lemon

Lamb Sandwich – slices of grilled marinated lamb served on Greek kouloura bread

Gyro – seasoned meat served on a warm pita bread, with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and onions

Tiropita – crisp buttery phyllo dough filled with a blend of 4 cheeses

Spanakopita – crisp buttery phyllo dough filled with spinach, leeks, onions and cheese

Patates – oven roasted potatoes seasoned with salt, pepper, olive oil, oregano and spices

Dolmades – grape leaves stuffed with herbs and rice

Traditional sweets menu:

Baklava – famous layers of phyllo filled with chopped nuts, spices, and honey syrup

Loukoumades – deep fried dough puffs bathed in honey, sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts

Rizogalo – Greek rice pudding with cinnamon

Galaktoboureko – custard baked in crisp phyllo dough coated with an infused syrup

Kataifi – chopped nuts and spices wrapped in shredded phyllo dough and soaked with honey syrup

Karidopita – walnut cake with cinnamon and sweet syrup

Koulourakia – lightly sweetened butter pastry twists

Kourambiedes – shortbread cookie filled with toasted walnuts and dusted with powdered sugar

Melomakarona – spiced cookies bathed in honey and topped with chopped walnuts

Photo Credit: SF Greek Food Festival. Video Credit: YouTube’s vasilikee and Todd X.