Former San Francisco Supervisor Bevan Dufty, who now serves as Mayor Ed Lee’s director of HOPE (housing opportunities, partnership and engagement), has come up with a unique idea to help with the homeless problem facing the city.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Dufty is looking “to get a soul food truck on the streets of the Tenderloin… that will be staffed by homeless people and get healthy food to those living on the streets or in supportive housing.”

His plan: start with one truck, staffed by 12-14 homeless people, who will have access to a city-owned kitchen. With some assistance, they’ll prepare the food and distribute it at lunch at dinner out of the truck.

The Chronicle reports that he’s thinking of making it “a block party” which will allow people in the area to get “a better sense of community.”

The idea is still in the initial planning stages as Dufty said he’s not sure how he would pay for it. But his ultimate goal as director of HOPE is to get more homeless people off the streets and give them something better to do with their lives.