SoMA nightclub Club Six hosts a fun, free and interactive happy hour that is unlike any other in San Francisco—or anywhere else, really. Dubbed So You Think You Can Paint?, every Thursday night the club opens its doors and offers canvas, paint and brushes to the public.

Resident DJ Mr. Robinson works the decks while experienced artists and novices work away at the eight foot wooden panels mounted on every wall in the huge front half of the club.

Paint cans, paper cups, paint brushes, and a good time await you at Club 6ix.

The non-critical work space is incredibly conducive to forming new friendships—you paint next to a stranger, you check out their style, comment on their subject matter and suddenly you’re exchanging Twitter handles between brushstrokes. If you’re more of the type who would rather sit back and observe, there are plenty of folks sitting and sipping at the bar, people watching and enjoying the next-level art gallery scene.

Jasmine adds a sans serif font to this masterpiece.

Owners Jay Frost and Angel Cruz told us that they wanted to create an all-inclusive environment where professional and amateur artists can kick back and have fun in a relaxing and creative way, and the feedback has been “unbelievable.” They have goals of going global, but are kicking off with a Kickstarter campaign to help supplement the cost of supplies and labor in order to keep the event free.

So You Think You Can Paint? is a weekly paint party at Club Six, Thursday nights 6pm to 11pm.