Each year, there seems to be that one Sa Francisco restaurant that garners a ton of pub, both locally and across the country.  And in the last year, State Bird Provisions has taken that honor for the Bay Area.  Now, the restaurant has received another top honor.

The restaurant from the husband and wife team of Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski has been awarded 2012 Best New Restaurant of the Year by Bon Appetit Magazine.  Along with AQ, State Bird Provisions made the magazine’s Top 50 Best New Restaurants of 2012.

Bon Appetit’s Andrew Knowlton said that on several visits to the restaurant, the food from Brioza and Krasinski “had me clamoring for more.”

“If it sounds like a dinner party/dim-sum mashup from heaven, you’re on the right track,” Knowlton said describing the cart/tray service that has become a staple at the restaurant.

In San Francisco, there is seemingly a new restaurant opening every week in one neighborhood or another. Some are showing newer aspects of fine dining while others are cool, casual neighborhood gems. Having visited many of the newbies, nothing stood out like State Bird Provisions to me. 2+ hours standing at the counter in front of the open kitchen, being served dish after wonderful dish. It’s truly an amazing restaurant and well deserving of the nod from Bon Appetit.

So congratulations to Stuart, Nicole and the entire staff at State Bird Provisions; the only problem now is reservations are going to be even more difficult than they were before!!