With his reputation for rapid-fire releases, Ty Segall has put out yet another new single, a teaser taste of his upcoming LP (his third project of the year thus far) Twins, to be released on October 9th via Drag City. The song is called “The Hill”, and like all of Segall’s previous efforts, it carries a refreshing breeze of something he hasn’t touched on yet. The song opens with female vocalists, echoing a cappella like the gospel of psychedelia, a great opening for the incarnation of noise that Segall brings down upon these core voices with the first crack of drums and guitar.

The ensuing sound is pure glam garage – it’s heavy, like Slaughterhouse, but more psychedelic, and as polished as a good garage track can be. Segall doses “The Hill” with nice spats of noise that fans have come to expect and revere. “The Hill” is rough yet stoic. It’s an acid dream staged out in stop-motion clay figures, but with real lightening and knives and blooming flowers, half-nightmare, half-revelation. Even the cover of The Hill 7’’ shows Segall in red light and glitter, white eyes and greased hair like an exorcised David Bowie. It’s an interesting clash and it makes sense. Although Segall’s early releases, in their raw, face-melting way, were brilliant, the release of Goodbye Bread served as a turning point in his career. Since then,  Slaughterhouse and Twins offer a serious and a progressive tone that suggest even more great and adventurous releases to come. My hopes are that one could hold the two 2012 albums side by side, and both would be complimentary juxtapositions of style and sound, a sort of Venn diagram held within two solid and commendable LPs.

Twins is set for release on October 9th, and The Hill 7” is currently available. Catch Ty Segall performing live at Treasure Island Music Festival on October 14th.