From Lady Gaga to KISS, so often a musician’s career is sparked by the fascination associated with their physical image, but it doesn’t take much to look past the facade and hear the talent that made the image successful in the first place. Outfitted in brightly colored, geometrically-patterned costumes made to resemble the the silhouettes of prehistoric creatures, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs has an uncrackable image. His youthful face and affinity for dressing up in headdresses and dinosaur outfits might deceive the fact that the British EDM producer is 26 years old, but you can hear in his music a well-cultivated sound that far from “newbie” status.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, or TEED, is Orlando Higginbottom, who has been gaining popularity and notoriety long before his debut album Trouble dropped in June.  TEED has already embarked on international tours, hitting the festival circuit at Lollapalooza, Global Gathering, and other noteworthy shows along the way. His show at The Independent in San Francisco was sold out to a crowd with high expectations, and TEED did not let us down. He played a lengthy, upbeat set to a crowd that never seemed to stop dancing. And though his English accent made his attempt at conversation with the audience difficult to decipher, he was engaging and personable on stage.