One of the best reasons to get your hungover, sleep-deprived body out of bed before noon for day three of Outside Lands, Infantree was recently picked to open for Neil Young on the Canadian leg of his tour with Crazy Horse and few U.S. dates.

The band hits the stage at Outside Lands at noon Sunday. We caught up with them for a brief email interview and got the kind of brief, snarky answers you’d expect from a gang of young bucks who just hit it big (or maybe we’re just awful at doing email interviews).

Infantree at Outside Lands 2009.

Describe your sound?

Renaissance Dub

How should music fans prepare for your set at Outside Lands?

Wear comfortable clothing.

What was your first reaction when asked to open for Neil Young?

Holy F%*king $h*t!

Are you doing any special preparations?

Yes, we are studying up on Canada.

What is your experience with San Francisco, thus far? Do you have any favorite spots to visit when you are in town?

We love San Francisco. They always treat us good. Dim sum in china town!

Do you have any plans to check out other Outside Lands acts while you are at the festival?


What’s your dream music festival lineup (past or present)?

Queen, CCR, King Crimson, Elvis.