Bar Tartine has long been highly regarded as a great dinner spot in the Mission District. Now, the restaurant can be lauded for its new lunch service as well.

Open for less than a week, Bar Tartine offers sandwiches and other tasty bites throughout the mid-morning and afternoon. The menu features a list of open faced sandwiches (smørrebrød) that are $6 each or three for $15. The open faced sandwiches are expected to be rotated in-and-out of the menu. There is also the option of a larger sandwich with normally three to choose from. Let me just say that these sandwiches will put any normal person in a food coma; they are just that good and very filling!

There are also snacks, soups and salads to choose from, including several staples from Bar Tartine Chef Nick Balla’s dinner menu.

As is expected from any Tartine by-product, the breads are first rate and the sandwich shop is even experimenting with some new loaves. Beer and wine are also being offered. Orders can be for take-out or eating in the spacious dining area and counter seating that Bar Tartine offers.

The Bar Tartine Sandwich Shop is located at 561 Valencia Street and is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10:30-2:30.