Signed to Rick Ross’s Maybach Music empire, Meek Mill is one of the hottest young artists in the country and lit up The Fillmore with a sold out performance this past Saturday.

Besides the music, these are the eight things you missed from Meek Mill’s show at The Fillmore.

  • Come out blazing. Opening with his biggest hit to date, “Amen,” the crowd was bouncing while filming it all on their smartphones.
  • DJ Drama is king. Not only opening with a set full of Bay Area bangers, Meek’s mixtape partner DJ Drama returned to spin some records during the rapper’s performance as well.
  • Meek Mill raps on a lot of hot tracks. One of the most wanted rappers of 2012, Meek performed originals like “Tupac Back” and “Houseparty” as well as his guest verses from hits such as “Bag of Money” and “So Sophisticated.”
  • Putting Philadelphia hip hop on the map. The hottest Philly rapper since Will Smith – Meek Mill is quickly working his way past the likes of Eve and Beanie Sigel to take the city’s crown.
  • The crowd was dressed to impress. Hip hop has moved on from the days of warm-ups and fitteds; the crowd received props from Meek for looking good while rocking Gucci and Louis.
  • The Australian “Maybach Music” girl is so hot right now. Nuff said.
  • Meek Mill loves his Instagram. Shouting out the local startup, he showed true allegiance by posting a pic of the crowd to hip hop’s current favorite app.
  • Free mixtapes create fans. Meek Mill’s first official album Dreams & Nightmares is released later this month but the success of his two free mixtapes Dreamchasers and Dreamchasers 2 created a rage enough to sell out the Fillmore.