On Friday, August 3rd, 103 Harriet welcomes hip-hop legends The Pharcyde. They come together in celebration for two decades of hits, and most notably their 1992 ground-breaking album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde. In honor of the 20th anniversary of its release, Fatlip, SlimKid3, J-Sw!ft and L.A. Jay will perform the influential album from start to finish, including skits and interludes, enhanced with psychedelic visuals, playful props and guest artists.

Also performing for the evening is the French hip hop beatmaker Onra, Leaving Records’ label head Matthewdavid, L.A. production team Kill the Computer and The Kleenrz, a new project from Self Jupiter of Freestyle Fellowship and Kenny Segal.

Tickets currently only $20. The show takes place August 3rd at 103 Harriet from 10pm-4am.