It’s almost the weekend, and for those of us that aren’t the go-hard on the weekend type, yet want to get their Soul Train fix in, the answer lies in S.F.’s Sweet Cheeks party. Although this party has been profiled on our site before, we take some time to talk to the founder of the party to get some insight about why this party is different than most, and why it’s worth checking out.

The Sweet Cheeks party started out with a simple goal: Make music for the ladies. Founded by San Diego DJ Mawkus, last year, it soon made its way up to San Francisco, beginning at Madrone Art Bar for GoldSweat’s 3 Year anniversary party. However, it then moved venues to a little-known bar in the Mission, Asiento.

“It’s this awesome neighborhood spot out in the Mission that has a great staff, kitchen, and lounge vibe to accentuate the “Future Sexual Chocolate Vibes” the party puts out. It’s very much more of an intimate night, where the idea is to gather with friends or end up on your second date. We like to think we’re enablers of love and affection, ” says S.F. head Ryan Rosario.

Playing the best in ’80s boogie funk, early ’90s R&B, slow jams, future funk, hypersexual love vibes they’ve coined “future wife,” Sweet Cheeks aims to give off a positive vibe for those that might not be fans of teetering around in high heels or emptying their wallets in an ultra-club type setting.

“Sweet Cheeks just wants to spread love in the most equal and accessible ways possible. There is no glitz when it comes to Sweet Cheeks. It’s no frills because we just want everyone to have a good time and let their love loose. Plus we bring ring pops available to ‘make it official,” says Ryan.

Friday’s edition features Willie Maze (Trill Team Six / Local 1200, Oakland), DJ Roza (RRS Feed), Awnode (Sweet Cheeks, San Diego), and Loco (GoldSweat).

The party is Friday July 27 at Asiento Lounge. The party is free.