Menus Revealed for SF Street Food Festival

It’s a little less than a month away. We recently revealed the amazing lineup of vendors for this year’s San Francisco Street Food Festival. Now, a look at the tasty treats they will be offering.

15 Romolo- Big Bite: Smoked, Pork Hash, Small Bite: Chicken Wings “Boriquas,” Drink: Shrub and Soda.

Kika’s Treats- Big Bite: Brazilian Cheese Bread, Small Bite: S’mores, Drink: Brazilian Hot Chocolate.

Namu- Big Bite: Okonomiyaki, Small Bite: The “Real” Korean Taco, Drink: Green Tea Lemonade.

Turtle Tower- Big Bite: Free-Range Chicken Noodle Soup, Small Bite: Fresh Spring Roll, Drink: Vietnamese Coffee.

Beijing Restaurant- Big Bite: Rou Jia Mo Chinese Hamburger, Small Bite: Yang Rou Chuay Lamb Skewers, Drink: House Made Plum Juice.

Azalina’s- Big Bite: Chicken Kaya Penang Chilaquiles, Small Bite: Peanut Taco, Drink: Rose Basil Coconut.

Clairesquares- Big Bite: Clairsquares 3-Pack Milk or Dark Chocolate, Small Bite: Deep Fried Caramel Pop.

El Huarache Loco- Big Bite: Huarache de Nopal, Small Bite: Taco de Alambre, Drink: Agua Fresca.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co.- Small Bite: Saffron Snickerdoodle Cookie, Drinks: New Orleans Style Iced Coffee, Drip Coffee.

Southern Sandwich Co.- Big Bite: East Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich, Small Bite: Pepper Jack Mac, Drink: Sweet Tea.

Hapa SF- Big Bite: Sisig Rice Plate, Small Bite: Lumpia Shanghai, Drink: Seasonal Farmers Market Soda by SodaCraft.

Il Cane Rosso- Big Bite: Deviled Ham Scotch Egg, Small Bite: Bread & Butter Pickles, Drink: Peach & Mint Porch Tea.

4505 Meats- Big Bite: Best Damn Cheeseburger, Small Bite: Frankaroni, Drink: Lime Mint Iced Tea.

Don Bugito- Big Bite: Wax Moth Larvae, Small Bite: Toffee Mealworm Ice Cream, Drink: Agua de Limon con Chia.

Eji’s- Big Bite: Misir Wot with Greens, Small Bite: Sambusa, Drink: Thyme Tea.

MEDA- Big Bite: Merlin’s Yucca Con Chicarron, Small Bite: Yect’s Seco – Peruvian Chicken Stew, Drink: Yect’s Chicha Morada; Merlin’s Agua de Tamarindo.

Local Mission Eatery- Big Bite: BLT, Small Bite: Chilled Corn Soup, Drink: Arnold Palmer.

LIBA Falafel- Big Bite: Falafel Sandwich, Small Bite: Sweet Potato Fries, Drink: Peach Agua Fresca.

A16- Big Bite: Cannolis, Small Bite: Pork Meatballs.

Sweets Collection- Big Bite: Artistic Gelatin Desserts.

Love & Hummus Co.- Big Bite: Falafel, Small Bite: Hummus with Pita, Drink: Lemonade.

El Buen Comer- Big Bite: Tostadas, Small Bite: Esquites, Drink: Agua de Fresa.

Chile Lindo- Big Bite: Empanadas, Small Bite: Mini Cheese Empanadas.

Sabores del Sur- Big Bite: Lomitos, Small Bite: Empanadas, Drink: Mote con Huesillos.

Endless Summer Sweets- Big Bite: Funnel Cake, Small Bite: Kettle Corn, Drink: Fresh Lemonade.

Onigilly- Big Bite: Onigilly Combo, Small Bite: Onigilly Rice Balls, Drink: Ginger Green Tea Lemonade.

Los Cilantros- Big Bite: Carnitas, Small Bite: Elotes, Drink: Strawberry Lemonade.

Chaac Mool- Big Bite: Gorditas de Barbacoa, Small Bite: Tacos Cochinita or Barbacoa, Drink: Agua Fresca.

La Luna Cupcakes- Big Bite: Cake Pops, Small Bite: Mini Cupcakes, Drink: Iced Tea.

Yvonne’s Southern Sweets- Big Bite: Sweet Potato Pie, Small Bite: Pecan Praline.

Three Twins Ice Cream- Big Bite: Ice Cream Cup, Small Bite: Ice Cream Sandwich.

Kung Fu Tacos- Big Bite: Chicken or Veggie Burrito, Small Bite: Chicken or Veggie Taco, Drink: Mint Lychee Lemonade.

Kasa Indian Eatery- Big Bite: Kati Roll, Small Bite: Chicken Wing Curry, Drink: Mango Lassi.

Global Soul- Big Bite: Bangkok Corner, Small Bite: Suicide Sticks, Drink: Jasmine Sweet Tea.

Hella Vegan Eats- Big Bite: Peach BBQ Seitan Sandwich, Small Bite: Fry Bread Taco, Drink: Green Curry Coconut Paleta.

Ritual Coffee Roasters- Small Bite: Jet Black Pastries, Drinks: Hot & Iced Coffee.

Curry Up Now- Big Bite: Tikka Masala Burrito, Small Bite: Vegan Samaosa, Drink: Rose Mango Lassi.

Chiefo’s Kitchen- Big Bite: Spicy Suya Beef Skewers, Small Bite: Moi-Moi, Drink: Bissap.

Creme Brulee Cart- Big Bite: The Yes Please!, Small Bite: Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee.

Zella’s Soulful Kitchen- Big Bite: BBQ Chicken Sliders, Small Bite: Jacked-Up Hush Puppies, Drink: Southern Sweet Tea.

Heirloom Cafe- Big Bite: Griddled Pulled Pork Sandwich, Small Bite: Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie, Drink: Mint Lemonade.

Boxing Room- Big Bite: Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya, Small Bite: Cajun Boiled Peanuts, Drink: Sweet Tea.

La Victoria Bakery- Big Bite: 2 each-Concha, Linzer Jam Prickly Pear Cookie, Macaroom, Small Bites: Tres Leches Goat Milk Blueberry Parfait, Goat Milk’s Custard Cornet, 3 Mini Concha, Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry Crumble.

Jarred- Big Bite: Pickled Green Tomato fried in lard w/ 4505 Chicarron, Small Bite: Mixed Pickle Cone, Drink: Jarred’s Mexican Cherry Cola.

Lers Ros Thai- Big Bite: Kai Yang, Small Bite: Larb Kai, Drink: Thai Iced Tea.

Estrellita’s Snacks- Big Bite: Pupusa con Casamiento, Small Bite: Tamal, Drink: Aguas Frescas.

Taino’s Puerto Rican Food- Big Bite: Empanadas, Small Bite: Lechon Sliders, Drink: Pina Coladas.

Hapa Ramen- Big Bite: Corn Miso Ramne, Small Bites: Pickled Cucumber Salad, Lardo, Drink: Iced Matcha with Plum Honey.

Brass Knuckles- Big Bite: N.W.A., Small Bite: The Goat-Gos, Drink: Whiplash.

Delicioso Creperie- Big Bite: Dulce de Leche, Small Bite: Nutella & Caramelized Banana.

The Slanted Door- Big Bite: Fried Chicken with Srirracha Butter, Small Bite: Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce, Drink: Root Beer.

Tacolicious- Big Bite: Grilled Squid Veracruz, Small Bite: Corn, Rancho Gordo Bean Salad, Drink: Watermelon-Mint Granizado.

Nombe- Big Bite: Nombe Wings, Small Bite: Tokayaki, Drink: Virgin Hibiscus Sangria.

Alicia’s Tamales los Mayas- Big Bite: Chicken, Pork or Cheese Tamales, Small Bite: Tamal, Drink: Agua Fresca.

State Bird Provisions- Big Bite: Hand Pulled Burrata with Garlic Bread, Small Bite: Spicy Summer Tomato Giardinier, Drink: “World Peace” Peanut Milk.

Lali’s- Big Bite: Chicken Blintzes with Salsa, Small Bite: Kidney Bean Spread-Pkhali, Drink: Georgian Sangria.

Bi-Rite Creamery- Big Bite: Salted Caramel Ice Cream, Small Bite: Fresh Fruit Popsicle.

L’s Caffe- Big Bite: Tinga Tostada, Small Bite: Chicken Mole Croissant, Drink: Berries Madness Iced Tea.

Neo Cocoa- Big Bite: 5 Piece Tasters’ Box, Small Bite: Dark Chocolate Truffle Brownie.

OSHA Thai- Big Bite: Pumpkin Curry, Small Bite: Thai Samosa/Veggie Crispy Roll, Drink: Thai Iced Tea/Coffee.

Wise Sons Deli- Big Bite: Pastrami Sandwich, Small Bite: Chocolate Babka, Drink: Egg Cream.

Sajen- Small Bite: Root Spiced Peanut Snack, Drink: Jamu.

Saint & Olive- Biscotti’s: Chocolate Dipped Almond toffee with Sea Salt, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Sweet Potato Maple Bacon and Prosciutto Parmesan.

Hawker Fare- Big Bite: “Issan” Sausage, Small Bite: Siamese Peanuts, Drink: Preserve Salted Lemonade.

Maite Catering- Big Bite: Arepa Rellena, Small Bite: Arepa de Queso, Drink: Salpicon.

Zepeda Foods- Big Bite: Familia de Sol, Small Bite: People’s Choice.

Nojo- Big Bite: Tonkatsu Sandwich, Small Bite: Japanese Cucumber Salad, Drink: Nojo Iced Tea.

Radio Africa & Kitchen- Big Bite: Grilled Leg of Lamb, Small Bite: Seven Vegetable Tangine, Drink: Lemon Verbena Lemonade.

Good Foods Catering- Big Bite: Pork Belly Sando, Small Bite: Southern Gourmet Jambalaya, Drink: Strawberry Basil Lemonade.

El Tonayese- Big Bite: Burritos, Tortas or Quesadillas, Small Bite: Tacos, Drink: Horchata and Pina.

Minnie Bell’s Soul Food Movement- Big Bite: Gumbo with Steamed Rice, Small Bite: Zesty Hot Water Cornbread, Drink: Watermelon Sweet Tea.

Pinx- Big Bite: Sweet Potato Pie Waffle, Small Bite: Maple Glazed Bacon.

To Hyang- Big Bite: Spicy Pork Ribs, Small Bite: Dduk Boki- Spicy Rice Cakes, Drink: Su Gung Ka- Persimmon, Cinnamon & Ginger.

Sal de Vida Gourmet- Big Bite: Culinary Finishing Salt, Small Bite: Rice, Drink: Rim Salt.

So now, you can plan out what booths to hit and what are the must-haves at this year’s festival. Among the cocktails that will be available: Spicy Paloma, Classic Daiquiri and Mint Julep. A killer lineup of food and drinks for the 2012 San Francisco Street Food Festival on Saturday, August 18.


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