Check out a new mix encompassing all things ’60s funk, soul, and female from acclaimed DJ Skratch Bastid and fellow friend DJ The Gaff. ¬†Showcasing his collection of rare records and finds, this mix features the finest selections from the mid-’60s and and mid-’70s, including the greats like Aretha, Nina, and Betty Everett.

As Skratch Bastid himself explains, Soul Sisters Stand Up! is “a mix featuring the sounds of female soul from the mid-’60s and and mid-’70s- a snapshot of love, pain, happiness, oppression, strength, struggle, and more from an era when records were the primary outlet for these voices. These messages are driven home by the beats and grooves from what is undeniably the funkiest decade in music history.”

Check out part II also for free download on his Soundcloud.